Sunday, February 28, 2016

New Post: "Embrace (my) Fatigue to Find (greater) Power"

Embrace (my) Fatigue to Find (greater) Power

I am (totally) selfish in my capabilities
and completely undone in my own strength.

Often I awake in the morning
and plow ahead without pausing
to consider how things should be done
and instead do that which I can.

But sometimes, my strength fails me.
I awake sick or exhausted,
struggling in my allergies to breathe (or sleep).

You may not know this
but even minor allergies
can affect a person's ability to concentrate.

In these days - I must completely rely on God.

My fatigue keeps me from thinking.
I dont react, but I do respond.
I am unable to live with energy,
but instead must stumble to complete anything.
Yet this is when God takes over.
He provides answers through the Holy Spirit.
And all I can do is wait on Him.

I dont like this feeling of powerlessness-
however this is when I am most available to God.

I cannot figure things out on my own,
and so I must wait on Him to guide me.

When I am strong, I normally rush ahead 
without taking time to seek Him.
Yet when I am weak, all I can do is pause
to consider what God might have me do in this moment.

And this is when I am most effective for God,
other people, and even myself.
Because in my lack, 
I cant figure things out when I am left alone.

Thank You God - 
that in my weakness
You are with me,
leading me, protecting me, and providing a way for me,
to bring Yourself glory in ways I could never do!

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