Sunday, February 7, 2016

Re-Post: "Push Into the Difficult - Part 3"

How can many of the problems in our lives end?
When we learn to see things differently.

Each day you and I have a choice;
how are we going to see the world?
Good? Or bad?
Lovingly? Or fearfully?
With hope? Or with hopelessness?

It is not easy to remain positive in life 
when many of the circumstances we face are so negative.
But strength comes in our ability to choose!

We choose how to react.
We choose to believe the best.
And we choose to trust in God over our own abilities.

When I was looking at my upcoming prison sentence,
I had many powerful choices in front of me.

How would I spend my remaining “free” days?

What would I do when incarceration began?

The first things to realize is that God is in control of everything,
and although everything is permissible, not everything is good for us.

What this means is that God could have kept me from prison,
but I also could have taken a taxi home instead on the night of my accident.
The difficulty then was to accept that God would allow me to enter prison.

So the second thing was to set my heart and mind on the positive
by making a choice to push into the difficulty.
With the time I had remaining, I chose to love on those people closest to me.
I would work hard to build up my professional reputation,
and I chose to believe that Gods will for me would prevail.

One friend asked me to go out drinking with him before I was to be sent away.
I quickly realized this would steal the important moments I had available for others,
and it would instead give that precious little time over to wastefulness, and to Satan.
No worthwhile memories would have been built.

Next, I made a plan for incarceration.
Yep. You read that correctly.
I made a plan for what I would I do with my time.

I read - studying subjects I had long forgotten. 
I exercised - keeping my body from growing weak.
I prayed - and shared God with others whenever I could.

Here is a startling secret... the time went much easier with a plan!

By making goals for myself, and sharing them with others,
I set myself up to win in a time that could have been easily a "loss".

And God showed up in real ways that I could have missed,
if I had let the difficulty wash over me, or hidden from it in fear.

What will you do the next time things get tough?

Originally posted on Nov. 29, 2012

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