Saturday, March 26, 2016

If It's Gonna Get Done

If It's Gonna Get Done

I feel like Moses
Facing the Red Sea
Or the disciples looking out
On the multitudes to feed

Lord, I've followed You too far
To think of turning back
It all seems so impossible
Unless I face the fact

If it's gonna get done
Your'e gonna have to do it
Then this world will come
To see Your power through it
Father I trust You
I believe it's true
If it's gonna get done
It's gonna have to come 
   from You

Here in the corner
With my back against the wall
I'm just a prisoner of habit
When worry comes to call

I know miracles to You
Are the commonplace
But you'll have to pardon me
If I stand here amazed

What a thrill
When this world can see
It's not something that I did
   for You
But something that You did
   for me

Written by Loweel Alexander, Dave Clark,
Don Koch, and Tony Wood

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