Saturday, March 19, 2016

New Post: "Benefits & Troubles with Consistency"

Benefits & Troubles with Consistency

Where are you now?
Where will you go next?

How we address these questions
can affect how far you & I go in life,
and what degree of success we encounter.

But what happens when you have no 'bearing"?

"Like a boat adrift at sea
is the person with no referenceable consistency."

These terms may seem strange, so lets take a minute to discern what they mean.

You wake up and find the day has no clear direction.
Maybe you go to work, because it is expected of you.
Perhaps you have family commitments,
or other social obligations.
But - what next?
How will your life unfold after these activities are completed?

Too often, we drift, allowing 'whatever' to become our next task.
And when the tasks are completed, 
we look once again for some way to fill our days.

Is your time filled with video games? Television? Sports?
and after you have done these, what's next?

I may be taking the circular path to making a point,
so here it is...
we men need activities and people in our lives
to fill us with the 'best" that we cannot give ourselves.

For me, I went out on weekends and spent my time drinking.
I drank much, spending money, meeting 'new people',
but developing nothing lasting or worthwhile.

I didnt have anything else I could see as 'fun'.

And since I also wanted to feel good about myself,
I spent time in church each weekend.
The goal was to know God better,
however many such Sunday's I was was hungover, 
or even still drunk form the night before.

To add to this, I volunteered as a Big Brother,
meeting each week with a young man to provide mentoring.
And this provided some 'good' consistency.

But when these were over, I had nothing else.
There was no direction, and my 'sail-boat' took me nowhere.

So I sought to fill the time with people my age,
and I went back to the bar,
to search for something in the women I met.

What was the point in all this?
To find happiness, fulfillment, and purpose for my life.
But I was consistently going back to the wrong places for it.
And even when I did some 'good' things,
I missed growing because I wasnt committed.

We men miss something when we dont commit to growing.
And we have to be consistent, daily, hourly, from minute to minute.

Sure, watching or playing sports is fun,
but where does it lead me?
Taking a break to play a video is fine,
but how long do I spend with it?

If we want to grow, improve, and see a bright future for ourselves,
we cannot continue doing the same things over and over again,
for they produce nothing but the same...
more time looking for something in what I have already tried,
but finding nothing new as a result.

Where will what you do now take you?

If you are not sure, then it may be time to evaluate your life.
Find your 'bearing', then set a goal for the future.

When I was released from prison,
my immediate goal was to satisfy my parole officer.
Then I made the goal to find a job,
rebuild a life with my wife,
and continue in my recovery, 

I am many years past that now,
so I continue to reevaluate where I am and where I am going.

I have been able to starts driving again,
travel out of the country,
stay employed, sober, and committed to my wife.
Now my next big goal 
is to learn if can can earn an Expungement of my criminal record.

The point here is that I cant let what I have done in the past be 'enough',
so I must consistently find good people to surround myself with.
I can learn from them, 
and perhaps add some value to their lives.
And with what I gain, find new goals to set.
Then I set course, and guide my 'boat' in that new direction.

But if we have no consistency with growing,
then we slowly revert to what we know,
becoming stale and disillusioned in life.

Find something new for yourself today,
then build consistency in striving for it!

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