Saturday, April 2, 2016

New Post: "Does What You Cannot Control come back to Control You?"

Does What You Cannot Control come back to Control You?


Which of these dominate your feeling, thoughts, and behaviors?

Perhaps it is more of the life problems which determine these, such as:

family illness
body aches & pain
losing a job
not enough money for bills
misbehaving children
arguments with your husband or wife
dealings with police or civil authorities
issues coming back from the past 
losing a home

Why is it that some people 
can have many of these same problems,
yet the first list above doesnt describe them?

What about these others that we all face?

political uncertainties
world wars
natural disasters
stocks market decline
prices food and gas
the environment
man-made systemic negligence (such as arsenic in the drinking water)

These lists could go on to include many more concerns we ALL face
but List-1 above is the only part we CAN control.

How will you use the CrEaTiViTy that God has given you?

It is our choice to "react" in a negative manner, or
to find a positive "response" in whatever happens.

Yesterday, I went to the park with my kids.
My 3-year old son had an accident in his pants, and we had to leave early.
My daughter and I both wanted to stay, and we could have been mean to my son.
But when we got home, everything was cleaned up,
and we all got to play outside with neighbor kids.
It ended up being a terrific afternoon,
yet we could have reacted poorly and made it difficult for anyone to enjoy.

When I was first incarcerated, 
it was in a maximum security facility with death-row inmates.
We were shocked that a "first-timer" would be sent here.
But visiting hours were better than at other prisons,
and the drive was only 45-minutes one-way.

Then a few weeks ago my wife and I were reminded 
of when I was transferred to a minimum security prison.
The location was a 3&1/2-hour drive, one-way.
She learned to enjoy the drive,
partly because she would be coming to see me, and
because it gave her time to think, relax, and listen to bible audio-books.
In reflection- it gave her peace because she had purpose with few distractions.

When life present you with new and overwhelming problems,
What will You do next? 
Think more on the worries you face?
Or, think of ways to make things better?

Ways to insert more love, 
more joy, 
more hope, 
more peace,
more laughter,
more growth,
more... togetherness.

How you Respond can make a positive difference,
while how you React detracts from life in the world.

Find a way to make the events you face, encouraging.

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