Saturday, April 30, 2016

New Post: "Escaping a Prison of Fear in Life"

A Prison of Fear in Life

When are you most afraid?

Is it when you face certain danger,
and the risk of physical harm or even death?

Is it the fear of rejection,
perhaps telling a large number of people your thoughts in a public presentation?

What about parenthood? Or marriage? 
Perhaps it is the opposite, and fearful of being alone... forever?

Is it the loss of freedom through physical limitations from injuries?

Maybe it is more pervasive - and that while surrounded by people,
you are never truly known, understood, or fully accepted as you are?

In the face of certain fears, how do you cope?

Do you physically tremble? Studder in your speaking? 
Or maybe you hide - from the circumstance, other people, or even yourself?

How long?
How long will this go on??

What if we face the fear?
What if we face the pain?
What if we faced the possibility of rejection head-on?
What might happen?
    “Knowing how to accept [the reality of the pain] allows people to improve their performance.”
        The best long-distance athletes concentrate even more intensely on their running, cycling, or swimming when they experience grueling pain.
          To persevere, we need a vision for the future that’s bigger than our pain. 
            We may not see it clearly, and we may not like the process of getting there, but we have to be convinced in the depths of our hearts that enduring the pain will someday be worth it. 
              This confidence enables us to raise the threshold of pain so we can respond with courage and hope.

              :Carrying the Weight of Guilt
              The most destructive fear is when we fail,
              and never recover to ever overcome
              because the fear of yet another possible failure
              has sucked us dry of strength, or possibility.
              It seems that the greatest failures carry the largest burden,
              and we cannot keep moving forward in this world the same.

              People will continue to suspect us, and we feel the need to over-perform.
              Trying harder to get their approval,
              when what we truly seek 
              is permission to love and approve of ourselves again.

              How do we escape form this cage that holds us back?

              Not by looking to others for acceptance.
              Not by seeking material wealth.
              Not by gaining prestige through accomplishments.
              And not by hiding, lieing, or self-sabotage.

              It starts with something small and simple,
              just one thing to focus on that will give you confidence in yourself again.
              Ask God to show you what that one thing could be,
              then do it, and learn to do it well!

              Do it until you feel a sense of some sort of mastery.
              The continue until God shows you what you could do next with Him.
              Then expand until you can do two things well!

              Start small- perhaps a volunteer greeter at a support group,
              then maybe as helping to pick-up trash at a park.
               Doing small things well can allow us to grow,
               and prepares us for other things ahead.

              But the fear which traps us and holds us captive wont let go easily!
              You and I will be convinced by Satan that our fears are valid
              and that we can never accomplish anything worthwhile again.

              And he is right, until we ask God to show us where we can begin to recover.
              God can provide a way that starts to help us heal and grow.

              Dont listen to the people who want to hold you back- including yourself.
              You wont truly believe and have faith it will work until
              you begin the process, and continue on the promise towards the goal:
              getting better at what we have been given.

              Dont worry about being great at everything,
              just focus on doing a few small things well!
              And let have God show us when we may be able to take on more.

              The prison door is open, now - will you walk through it?

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