Saturday, April 16, 2016

New Post: "The Benefits and Drawbacks of REGRET"

The Benefits and Drawbacks of REGRET

How long do you spend
looking back at the past?
Thinking on the things that have occurred
and how they could have been different?

Those "What-If" moments can make fun nostalgia.

They may also become an escape from today;
spending time reflecting on the past-
but not truly living in the now.

And the memories can even be a burden too heavy to carry,
as we live with regrets for past mistakes, sins, and errors in judgement.

So why does our mind constantly remind us
of these things which we cannot change?

What if we have made this 'design' out to be more difficult than it should?

What if instead of realizing what 'regret' is intended for, 
we make it out to be much worse?

What if God wants you to use your memories as 'guideposts' for the future,
and not as a means of self-punishment?

I think Satan has lead us to believe 
that these memories were intended for our punishment.
And I believe that lie has caused us to miss out 
on the benefit that God has planed for us.

Regrets are meant to teach us,
So we can learn from our mistakes.

But if you allow those same mistakes to define you,
Then you live forever in a state of defeat,
Unable to ever overcome what has happened.

Do you trust God to help you?
And if you do, won't He help you find what is His best for you?

If you don't believe the past can be overcome,
The you, me, and the rest of us are predestined to repeat the past.

Can you overcome addictions?
Yes, but not on your own.

Can you overcome abuse at the hands of someone else?
Someone you once trusted, a parent, friend, boss, or partner in life, or
Will you choose to allow them to hurt you now? And tomorrow as well?

Regrets are meant to teach us that what did before won't work,
And we have to choose different surroundings, people, attitudes, and practices.

Evaluated experience is necessary
If we ever want to make those past mistakes into a positive future.

Or you can dwell on the past.
It's your choice.
What will you do?
Learn from it? Or- relive it over and over again?

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