Saturday, May 28, 2016

New Post: "Is it Enough - what God has done?"

Is It Enough - What God Has Done For Us?

Its been a few weeks since I have written.
Without being here, you already understand the reasons - 
Life - gets - busy.

The job, the family, the responsibility involved:
Each require tasks that grow until it seems
I am floating in an ocean, 
being tossed back and forth by the waves,
until I feel completely "out of control".
Driven by the demands on my time and energy,
so nothing is left after it all to give anymore, anywhere.
Then when I stop to look up-
I see all the water that has gone by me,
realizing it has been days and weeks since
I have connected myself with God on a deeper level.

Can I rest?
Is 'treading-water' acceptable with His plans for my life?

What if we miss out on something God has for us,
because we are too busy too simply take notice??

When I read scriptures, and any kind of history,
it helps me see clearly what has happened.
But sometimes when we are still too close to an event
we cannot learn from the moment when it occurs.
This is when I believe God wants us to rest in Him.

I am reminded of this when hear the story 
of young man who recently died after fighting cancer for 12-years.
The people closest to him learned to see through his eyes:
that another twelve-years of life was the miracle! 

So then I look at my own life, and wonder-
What have I done with what God has given me?
I learn to ask the important question:

Is it enough?
What God has already done with my life?

The first answer is, "Yes!"
God has brought me into a loving relationship with Him.
He has carried me through prison,
while allowing my marriage to flourish.
(There are two beautiful children as a result!)
God has given me purpose:
to teach, challenge, and encourage others.
He has brought me through unemployment and parole,
until I have found work with stable income.

But- the second answer is, "No!".
There is still more I believe He would have me do.

These two answers may seem to be in conflict-
How can you say both "Yes", and "No" at the same time?

When I write, I know it is a time to reflect on what God is teaching me.
Yet- I often wonder what good it has done.
Then God reminds me that this may be be seen as the time-
to live in discipline for the results of my actions.

So I Rest in Him,
knowing that He can still bring god out of it.
And if nothing else comes as a result,
I can take comfort in the relationship I have with His Son- Jesus Christ.
And It IS Enough for me.

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