Saturday, June 18, 2016

New Post: "Is It Better To Be 'RIGHT'? Or 'KIND'?"

Is It Better To Be 'RIGHT'? Or 'KIND'?

We know the answer, but we dont like the cost.
You and I want recognition.
We want to feel rewarded somehow.
We like applause, to be listened to and respected.
But- Kindness? Gentleness? Tenderness?
It makes us - what?

Who do you and I become when we exchange esteem with meekness?

Or we can think about it like this...

Why do we avoid kindness, especially when we desire it for ourselves?

I think we should consider that we are fearful to appear to be weak.

Its not that we dont like kindness,
as we surely appreciate it in others,
but we dont want to make the effort, take the extra time, 
and we surely dont want be seen as 'easily taken advantage of.'

Instead- we argue to win the point.
We raise our voices and get angry.
We belittle, correct and push-down the other person.

We see society rewards the quick tongued,
and gives attention to those with a smart come-back.

But at what cost?

You have heard it said that after time has gone by,
it is the memories of how people felt around us that lingers most.

So do we attract people into our lives by what we say?
Or do we find more friends when we dont try to get the last word?

I am definitely one to stand-up for myself,
and I would never advocate that we allow others to walk on us,
but when the day is over, who do you believe other people will trust more?

If Christ was able to be with you in the darkest moments of life,
would you expect Him to open His arms to give you a hug?
Or do you think He would have a lecture planned?

And when people are mean spirited with you,
and the only desire is to defend yourself and get even,
do your actions speak acceptance, or rejection?

Most often when people insist on "Being Right",
its to overcome their own deep inadequacy.

When people speak words of correction- is it really about you?
Or is it their own struggles?
Their desire for to reclaim some part of what they have lost in life?

Could you give it to them?
Would you lay down your right to respond-
then give them what they need most, yet dont know how to ask for it?

Be kind, and have courage that in this moment,
what is needed most is your willingness to let someone else win.
Let them vent their pain.
Then hold-back from adding to it by introducing your own,
no matter what vile thing they said.

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