Saturday, June 25, 2016

New Post: "Weighing Your Power"

Weighing Your Power
How do we weigh the power of Words? Or Music? Or Wind?

If science says they cannot be weighed,
then how do we know they are real?

We can weigh volume - the affect of music on the air around it,
but not the musical notes themselves.

We cannot weigh the wind, nor the written Word of God,
yet we cannot deny the power of either.
But we can measure the speed of the wind,
and we can witness the power in words.

Does God then give you and me power that we have yet to weigh?
Or worse yet, that we have misused??

I was reminded this week of the similarities all people on earth share:

  • our birth, 
  • death,
  • our lack of control for either.
This sobering reminder came as we face another sick and dying family member.
But in this I find connection with every other person who has ever lived:

We have all suffered the loss of someone we care deeply about.

Although this awareness shows me how truly weak I am,
it also allows me to unite in one spirit with others.

Whether death comes from the brutality of man toward one another in war,
through the ravages of sickness, disaster, or a terrible accident,
we each will continue to lose those we love,
until it becomes our time to leave this place for the next.

How do we find any comfort in this?
By recognizing the One Power we have-
our ability to sit, connect, sympathize with and encourage one another.

And this is this second part of the commandment Jesus Christ spoke:
"to love you neighbor as yourself."

Even former enemies recognize the pain of loss.
We may apologize, even when we took no part in the atrocities,
not because we want to take on a burden of responsibility,
but because we wish to share in the loss.

Perhaps this allows healing to begin,
when we feel deeply the loss of another,
so they dont feel so alone in their discomfort.

So- how do we weigh our own power?

Perhaps it is best measured in the lives we touch,
in what we give and dont expect in return;
by speaking gently, showing kindness, 
through the time we give to share in another's burden.

The pain we bare can be reduced when someone else helps us to carry it.

Where do you turn when you face life's greatest pains?
Do you turn toward the pain someone else is living through?

This is the greatest way to show Christ's love to the world,
by being a church that does life together,
reaching-out to share in our common losses.

I wont pretend that I am perfect in this,
I am weak in the face of such struggles,
but I know what grace looks like,
because Christ has given it to me 
through those who follow Him,
and have walked with me in the darkness.

How do you measure your life?
Let it be by the lives you touch with the love of Jesus.

"Small thinking 
does more to limit our future and how God can use us 
than any other factor or experience."

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